Sunday, May 8, 2016

Whew! It's been a long while since I've updated this! What an eventful week it's been. We left Franklin after many good meals, beers, and lots of time spent icing my knee. That first day back on trail (after crossing the 100mile mark!!!) we encountered an amazing couple, Granny and Old Goat, who are Trail Angels providing Trail Magic at one of the road crossings. They were serving up pulled pork sandwiches and cold drinks. It was such the perfect sight to see after hiking all morning long. After spending about an hour eating and shooting the breeze with other thru-hikers, it was time to continue hiking.

Earlier this week we were prepared for rain... But not for rain at higher (5000ft) elevations. It SNOWED! We were all shocked. It certainly made for some faster hiking, if anything to keep warm. Any and all stops were very short, because the cold set in super quickly. I really didn't pack any hiking clothes for colder weather, and was saving my warm (dry) clothes for camp. So I was hiking in the snow while wearing shorts and a raincoat. I will say, the snow was very pretty. It felt SO good to get into camp that night, make a warm dinner, and curl up in my sleeping bag. Naturally, as luck would have it, the sun came out once we were in camp.

We made it down into a "town" area on Friday where the NOC or Nantahala Outdoor Center is located. I enjoyed a massive brunch complete with mimosas and also was able to resupply for the next few days on the trail. The restaurant was set on the bank of a river and was quite lovely. It really broke up our day and made the day that much easier. This was the day that we sadly lost one of our trail family members. Mike (CastAway) had some really bad IT band issues and decided to take some time off of the trail to rehab. We were sad to leave him. On the next day we were hiking down into a gap and I saw a familiar vehicle that belongs to Granny and Old Goat... More trail magic! I came in at just the right time to finish off the last of the breakfast they were serving and also to have the first of the lunch. Yum yum yum! They're amazing and very friendly! Audrey decided to leave the trail for a little bit at this gap to heal the blisters on her heels. She will most likely catch up with us soon.

As for my knee, it's doing alright. Still hurts on some of the really steep downhills, but with stretching, ibuprofen, and ice when available... It's not too bad. Hoping to keep trekking on without any major injury. Will keep everyone updated on that.

Today, we had a quick yet steep hike down into the Fontana Dam region. There's a massive reservoir which appears to be a huge summer hot spot. There really isn't anything around the Dam except for a resort with a huge hotel, two pools, cabins, a restaurant, and a small country store. We decided it would behoove our knees (and our spirits) to only do six miles this morning and then spend the afternoon by the pool icing our knees and drowning ourselves in free wifi. It has been a lovely day and much more well received than the snow earlier in the week. We're planning an early dinner with some of the other thru-hikers and then will most likely be in bed early. I'm usually in bed before 8 these days. After you get into camp, set up, and make dinner, there isn't much to do but go to bed. I should buy a book. Paperback, of course.

Anyway, all is well here. Hope everything at home is going well. Love you all!


  1. Thumbs up, keep on truckin', keep on keepin' on!

  2. Sounds like you're not starving, but take care of those knees! It's been nippy here in the evenings-stay warm!